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Design, Build, Engineer, & Install: The Sec-Ops integration team has intimate knowledge of both hardware and software security solutions flexible to your industry budget. Whether you are prepared to invest in a full security package or need assistance with your network, panel integration, Access Control systems or installation of IP/Digital Camera systems, our professional team of highly trained technicians are up to the challenge.  When it comes to security of your facility, office building, business areas, or construction site, it is imperative to have a stable, well conceived plan in order to protect your assets, property and staff. We can assist you in developing a comprehensive plan that fits both your budget and security needs.


Systems Integration Solutions

·  Wide area surveillance and CCTV systems        ·  IP Access Control

·  Intrusion Alarm                                                     · Outdoor / Perimeter Protection

·  Mass notification Systems / Paging 

·  Gate Operators and perimeter sensors               ·  Emergency communication and Panic systems

·  IP Communication Systems                                  ·Intercom systems
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Featured Product: Intelligent Video Safety Helmet



Network Tools



Bandwidth & Network Management


*Dynamic Resolution and Frame Rate
With the embedded Video Management Systems (VMS) software, you are able to switch from low resolution, low frame-rate rates to high resolution, high frame rates when events occur.


*On-Camera Video Motion Detection
Each network camera includes sophisticated multi-zone pixel-based video motion detection. Most systems require you to stream the IP video to a central computer where motion detection occurs. This means you are streaming video over the network even when there is no motion, which limits the number of cameras you can put on the network. Motion detection is built-in to the camera so if there is no motion, you aren't using any bandwidth.

 Multi-Megapixel Resolution

Great Coverage
The ultra-high-resolution IP Video images provide great camera coverage, better picture detail and an overall superior IP video experience. Save money on installation, service and support by using a single Multi-Megapixel "HD Quality" camera to replace multiple fixed cameras or an analog Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera.


Quality Recording
See crisp clear images on recorded video, not blocky, blurry images. The high resolution lets you record and playback crisp, clear images with your IP Video Network Video Record (NVR) or Digital Video Recorder (DVR) capturing the details.


Solid Viewing Experience
Replacing several cameras with a single Multi-Megapixel IP Video system improves the live and recorded viewing experience by eliminating the need for multiple monitors or complex, thumbnail multi-view screens.

Product details 


TWIC Compliant Access Control systems:  Let us assist you in the design and implementation of a fully integrated TWIC compliant access control system that is robust, secure and completely designed from open architectured systems and components, all fully tested, and commercially off the shelf available products. 






Product details

A typical NVR installation comprises analogue cameras connected to video CoDecs that then connect to the NVR unit(s) by CAT5/6 cable on an Ethernet network.  As IP based cameras are becoming increasingly available, they have direct Ethernet connectivity negating the use of an external CoDec and the possibility of Power over Ethernet (PoE) for centralized equipment management. The use of an NVR and IP solution can dramatically reduce the cabling costs normally associate with a CCTV installation. 



Another advantage of IP based cameras is the additional image resolution (in excess of 10 Mega pixels) providing a new dimension of the quality of images.